“The Dinner” by Herman Koch.

7 thoughts on ““The Dinner” by Herman Koch.”

  1. I agree with you about the reviews on the back of the book, etc. I guess they need to sell the book and so…you know the rest. I have found Goodreads a good source of info about books I’m wondering about reading, if you are on the fence.

    Or – ask the librarian if anyone has mentioned the book. The librarians in my library seem to know a lot about books just from what patrons say.

    Because life is too short to read books that don’t hold your interest and there are so many books out there that will. That’s what I think!

    I love your book-reading excitement and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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      1. Sometimes I look things up on Goodreads right on my phone in the library. Helps me get beyond the book blurbs and the hype and see if it’s the kind of book I like (not necessarily if it’s a “good” book but the kind I like to read!) It’s saved me reading things I’m not really going to like. And I am a person who can stop in the middle of a book and look at the end, if the book is boring me, but I hate to do it. Still, life is just too short for all the books out there!

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    1. Yeah! This one took forever. The entire book takes place during one dinner, so wayyyy to much of the book is about the actual dinner. Too many details about the food, the wine… he even went into how many bites they took of the food. EHHH.


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