The Library does more!

13 thoughts on “The Library does more!”

  1. As a librarian (did you know you need a master’s degree to be one?), I really love this post. Thank you so much for shedding light on what libraries can do! Also, love your music picks. My favorite album this year so far is Björk’s, Vulnicura. They probably have it at your library. 😉

    Lastly, if you can’t find a specific book in your library system, there should be something called ILL (interlibrary loan). With this, you can ask ANY library that’s a part of the your community’s system to ship the book over, borrow for a few weeks, and send it back. Best part is that it doesn’t cost anything to do. The fun ones are the rare, obscure books. Maybe that’s just me. Lol.

    x, Jenny (a librarian)

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    1. Ooooo! Jenny, thanks for your response. I have, in fact, recently learned that it takes a Master’s Degree to become a librarian! How did you like getting your degree? It’s something I’ve briefly considered despite being in a Bachelors program for Education.

      I think it would be really fun and fulfilling to be a librarian, or to work in a library.

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      1. Grad school was rather fun for me! I did the program at TWU, which is done remotely and all online. So, I went to grad school and volunteered at my local library because at the end of your degree, you have to do an internship. Always nice to know librarians that can help you out. 🙂

        I have a bachelor’s degree in education! More specifically, for middle school. What an interesting age group. Hehe…

        I would suggest volunteering at the library and see if it’s something you want to study. It’ll open your eyes! We have some wacky stories… nobody believes me when I tell them. Maybe I’ll make a blog post of it in the future. HA!

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      2. Yes to all the things Jenny says! I did library school online through FSU, though I didn’t have to do the internship. I enjoyed the online live lectures because you could actively participate via headset or just typing. You’ll meet all kinds of people in library school; one friend became an information analyst for the FBI and another was an intelligence officer in the CIA. (I could tell you more, but that’s classified.)

        As for my background, I have a bachelors in fine arts and theater – I was a starving actor before I went into libraries! When it comes to putting on a calm face with angry patrons or helping with the occasional kid’s show, I’m the go-to guy. Seriously, library branches are fighting over who gets to have me during the summer children programs. 😀

        Try an ILL, it’s pretty fun. Don’t forget to try e-books as well! You can check them out on your computer, phone, tablet and more. I’m not the biggest fan of reading books on a screen, but you can also check out audio books online as well! No more boring running for me, I’ve got Sherlock Holmes in my ear.

        Yes, volunteer at the library! Why?
        1. Get to know everyone and how everything works, learn who does their ILS (integrated library system, the program they use to keep track of books, fines, patrons, etc) so when an opening comes up, you’re a shoe in!
        2. Many (if not most) library systems or their government (IE, the county, city) will have money for education that can be used to enhance employee education…in other words, THEY CAN PAY FOR LIBRARY SCHOOL. Sweet, right?

        For giggles, I have a blog post about the things they don’t teach you in library school.

        I’m also available if you have any library questions. Enjoy that weekend!

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      3. I intend to! 🙂 I know folks have lots of questions about the program and such. If you have any questions for me about librarianship or anything paper related, let me know and I’ll get to it! I’d love to offer feedback and guidance in this wild field. Oh, the stories I can tell about what happens at the library. Lol.

        x, Jenny


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