Twice in a Week.

2 thoughts on “Twice in a Week.”

  1. I am a library – I don’t know the word for it – groupie? fiend? The library is at the center of my life, with my family, cats, home, and doing artwork and writing (it’s crowded, it sounds like…) Anyway, I love your blog and the sense of adventure you have about the library! I would also suggest an audio book if you have not tried them. I have been checking out books since about 1965 (truly) but only my first audio book in 2014. Wish I hadn’t waited so long – I love having someone read to me. It’s great for the car or for housework or anything where your hands are busy but your mind isn’t.

    I also agree about the Internet and the library. It’s like a free Amazon for me – I order books and they come! For free! All I have to do is pick them up!

    Happy Library time!


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